Cultural Tension: Talking Taboos

March 23, 2023
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Cultural Tension: talking taboos

We are living in the age of the overshare. People, especially younger generations, want to talk openly about all aspects of their lives, and they’re supporting brands that do the same.

We’re seeing this manifest across interests and industries, but consumer health is particularly ripe for destigmatization. The sharing of experiences and insights once considered “private'' can inform and empower others on their own journeys. Nadya Okamoto, founder of Bullish portfolio company August, has amassed over 4M followers on TikTok by speaking openly about periods and menstrual health. TikTok has also become home to communities like #HotGirlsHaveIBS (25M views), #ErectileDysfunctionAwareness (49M views), and #InfertilityStruggles (460M views).

Consumers are rejecting traditional feelings of shame and modesty in favor of communal strength and pride. Whether a rebellion against heavily-filtered social media, a manifestation of the enduring battle for consumer attention, or an inevitable byproduct of decentralized media via streaming services - no topic is off limits. Given that 60% of US consumers prefer to be associated with companies that align with their own values, early brands can stand out by engaging in those controversial conversations.


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