Founder Spotlight: Jason Karp

September 22, 2022

Jason Karp developed a passion for nutritional wellness after being diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases and an "incurable" eye disease in his early twenties. When changing his diet resulted in the reversal of several of his ailments, Jason decided to build a movement around eating whole, unprocessed foods and avoiding chemical additives.


He founded Hu Kitchen with his wife and brother-in-law in 2012; the mission of the brand was to help people "Get Back to Human". Hu Kitchen produces pure, nutritious, and delicious products that empower customers to live healthy lives (such as the now infamous Hu Chocolate). HumanCo exists to scale that same mission in new forms.

Jason and HumanCo recently led a $100mm investment in True Food Kitchen, which Bullish participated in through an SPV investment. True Food Kitchen is a full-service restaurant brand pioneering wellness-driven dining. They currently operate more than 40 beloved restaurants across the US, with menus built on delicious, nutritious, and consciously-sourced meal offerings. "True Food Kitchen is in a category of its own, with a mission perfectly aligned with HumanCo to help people live a healthier life through epic food experiences," explained Jason. Read more in the press release.

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