Ad Age features Goodhood's rebrand and funding

October 10, 2023
Goodhood-07-OOH 2

Car care doesn't have to be complicated and stressful. Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Goodhood is out to prove there's a better way.

Formerly known as FixMyCar, Goodhood’s vision is to be the Amazon Prime of car care, offering roadside assistance, car insurance, and repairs, all through an app.

“Everybody who has a car has a frustrating experience and hates going to a dealership,” cofounder Prashant Salla tells Ad Age's E.J. Schultz. "So why don't we just cut the middleman and just have the mechanics come to your doorstep?”

Earlier this year, Bullish rebranded Goodhood and led the company's $2.6 million seed round. We're thrilled to see Goodhood expand its services to more markets across the U.S. Next stop, your driveway.

Read more in Crain's Grand Rapids Business and Automotive News.

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