Adams relaunches brand in Modern Retail

May 8, 2023
Adams Thumb

In our partnership with TaylorMade, we've witnessed the golf equipment giant expand its direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy by exclusively launching Adams, a line of golf clubs, online. This strategic move is designed to make golf more accessible to newcomers while offering cost-effective options compared to TaylorMade's core line. At Bullish, we firmly believe that a successful DTC strategy must connect with consumers who possess unique attitudes and values.

TaylorMade's DTC approach is tailored to different customer segments and regions, featuring tools like virtual fitting and exclusive services. We're proud to collaborate with TaylorMade in bridging the gap between golf enthusiasts and top-notch equipment through strategic DTC initiatives. 

Read the Modern Retail interview with John Gonsalves, vice president of direct-to-consumer and digital at TaylorMade.

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