Cultural Tension: Digital Detox

February 23, 2023

With the rise of remote work, TikTok, and internet streaming over the last three years - we are more plugged in than ever before. We are also reliant on our digital tools - according to Mintel, 79% of US consumers agree that internet access is as essential as electricity and water.

But we also know that the infiltration of our devices into all aspects of our lives has people feeling burnt out, exploited, and lonely. That same report showed that 28% of US Millennials are prioritizing limiting their technology use post-pandemic. 70% of US consumers agree that they are concerned about the government abusing technology, and recent headlines around data privacy from Apple and Meta have furthered questions of personal security. Meanwhile, social media has done a poor job at making people feel connected - 79% of adults aged 18-24 report feeling lonely, and young girls (coming of age in the era of Instagram and TikTok) are experiencing unprecedented levels of sadness.

We are witnessing a renewed interest in the value of living IRL (in real life) and we believe there is much more to come in these areas as more and more people rediscover life outside of our homes. People are investigating the agenda behind the digital tools and utilities with which they engage and are pulling back on their time spent in these spaces and places. People are exploring the value of living a more analog life. Brands - inside and outside the digital world - will step in to help people find balance in a hybrid landscape.

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