Cultural Theme: Individuals Over Institutions

November 15, 2022
  • 31% of Americans have “very little or no confidence” in organized religion

  • 57% of Americans have “very little or no confidence” in Congress

  • 41% of Americans have “very little or no confidence” in big business

In response to the turbulence of the last two decades – beginning with the 2008 recession and exacerbated by the recent pandemic and global unrest – Americans are reclaiming power from the institution back to the individual. This Theme can be broken down into three sub-categories:

  • Decentralized Living: The normalization of remote work will continue to have a massive impact on the lives of consumers across the US. Emerging brands will cater to mobility and ad-hoc community building.

  • Power of Us: Individuals are increasingly looking to each other as sources of trust, creating networks that bypass the authority of the institution. This new infrastructure is built for us, by us. Technology further empowers individuals to leverage one another’s knowledge, experiences, and capabilities to better their own. In an oversaturated information market, Americans are sourcing from trusted connections.

  • Creator Autonomy: Consumers are recognizing and harnessing the power of their individual creations. As lucrative opportunities continue to pop up across categories, institutions are recognizing and rewarding the individual for their influence and creativity. Platforms are amplifying the voices of creators and facilitating the match between demand and supply on a micro-level.

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