Cultural Theme: Ubiquitous Wellness

November 15, 2023

In the midst of uncertain times, and especially in light of a pandemic that highlighted the importance and fragility of health, people are turning inward and looking to control what they can control. They are getting in touch with their own humanity by training to improve their mental health along with their physical strengths. Post-COVID wellness is as much about disaster preparedness and risk minimization as it is about lifestyle maintenance. 

We divide Ubiquitous Wellness into three sub-themes:

  1. Mind = Muscle: Mental health takes center stage as we strive toward happiness in an increasingly fragile, post-pandemic world. 

  2. Self Optimization: Consumers are in ambitious pursuit of self improvement - using technology to circumvent previous limitations. 

  3. Health Anxiety: Americans are seeking to understand and conquer “health” as a risk mitigation strategy in light of growing lifestyle concerns and the recent pandemic.

Stand out facts:

  • 34% of parents with children under 12 reported concern about their children’s anxiety levels in 2021.

  • 66% of US consumers agree that after COVID-19, they think it's likely there could be another global pandemic in their lifetime.

  • The wellness industry represents 5.3% of global economic output.

Download full white paper, Bullish on Consumer: Operationalizing Demand-Side Themes for Better Outcomes, below.

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