Cultural Theme: Uncompromising Self

November 15, 2022

Our current web environment provides us with highly personalized algorithms that prompt us to double down on our personal identities and values. Consumers want to bring their full, true selves to every purchasing decision and social interaction. Simultaneously, 61% of young adults aged 18-25 report feeling lonely “frequently” or “almost all the time or all the time”. Consumers are still navigating the new blended world of screens and IRL, and are craving authentic community and connection.

Uncompromising Self is about transparency and expression in and around our personal identities, how we identify with brands and how we seek to engage with others. We divide this theme into three sub-themes:

  • Unapologetic Expression: ​​Consumers will increasingly look to brands to embrace every facet of their identities, without falter or apology. 

  • Genuine Connection: Americans are prioritizing friendships and relationships that enhance their quality of life – and investing less in building out their networks.

  • Triple C Transparency: Young people especially care about the social and environmental implications of their consumption.

One of our investments, Cake, is a great example of this theme. The brand proudly stands for more fun sex with products that are bright, non-gendered, free from any form of judgment. They understand that consumers want to celebrate all parts of themselves, including the parts previously seen as taboo. Companies that shamelessly embrace themselves and their customers will thrive in this new consumer landscape.

Download full white paper, Bullish on Consumer: Operationalizing Demand-Side Themes for Better Outcomes, below.

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