Founder Spotlight: Mitch Orkis, Cake

July 20, 2023

Bullish portfolio company Cake is celebrating NYC Pride this weekend with the release of an Oral Play product line. Through an exclusive launch with GoPuff, New Yorkers will be able to order (and receive in minutes) limited-edition flavored lubes throughout the weekend. Mitch Orkis, co-founder of Cake, sees Pride as an opportunity to celebrate all that the brand stands for. 

“The mission of Cake,” he explained, “is to help the world have more fun. And to me, Pride should be a celebration of how far we’ve come, despite needing to continue the fight.”

Mitch is gay, but was inspired to found Cake (with co-founder Hunter Morris) in part by the observation that straight friends were looking to him for guidance on their own sexual journeys. He began to see the need for a brand that stood for “happy, healthy, and safe exploration.” Cake’s color-coded sexcare system” designed to facilitate just that. 

Cake’s products are sold in mass retail stores across the country - including in Walmart, CVS, and now Target. Mitch noted that the brand has performed especially well in conservative geographies, which he credits to the mainstream appeal of sex positivity. 

“The fact that this brand has found such a strong foothold - regardless of how people identify sexually or even politically - is pretty amazing,” Mitch said, “I don’t care who you are or how you get down, my only agenda is to help you feel good no matter who you are. That message has proven to resonate pretty well across the board."

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