Founder Spotlight: Nadya Okamoto

November 24, 2022
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Nadya Okamoto founded August, a sustainable period care company, while a student at Harvard University. But her entrepreneurial journey began far before then. In 2014, Nadya founded PERIOD., a nonprofit dedicated to destigmatizing periods and ending period poverty. She published "Period Power: a Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement" in 2017 with the same mission.

Nadya led PERIOD. throughout her undergraduate career, but also began consulting with large corporations on how to best reach and speak to Gen-Z customers. It was through this work that Nadya began to see the opportunity and need for a next-generation period care brand to challenge out-of-touch and exploitative incumbents.

August period pads are effective, comfortable, and 100% cotton (which means fully biodegradable). Nadya is CEO and face of the brand; Her TikTok account, which she uses to discuss all things menstruation and to document the day-to-day of her life as a founder, has four million followers. Nadya embodies the spirit of authentic innovation, and August customers resonate with her mission as much as they love the products.

Last month, August announced a partnership with WeWork to supply all of its locations' restrooms with sustainable and inclusive period care.

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