Bullish unveils Cultural Themes with Consumer VC

September 15, 2022

We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the American consumer. This is a cornerstone of how we build strong, durable brands that get results for both the companies we invest in and provide marketing services for.

Thank you to The Consumer VC for breaking the news on our latest proprietary initiative. Bullish on Consumer: Operationalizing Demand-Side Themes for Better Outcomes is the product of rigorous research and analysis from the Bullish team that outputs three major cultural themes that will yield big categories and revered brands.

The report is the result of a great deal of research, including:

  • Surveys of 7,500+ people across America 

  • 1,200+ hours of interviews and/or ethnographies with people IRL

  • Reviews of over 12,500+ early-stage consumer businesses

  • Consulting engagements with 20+ Fortune 500 companies

  • Five years of data on human desire and category spend from our Power of Why study

  • First-hand experience(s) from 20+ years working across 200+ consumer categories

We believe that no other early-stage venture firm understands the consumer like we do. It's helped us identify phenomenons like Peloton Interactive, Harry's, Inc., Sunday, Warby Parker, Hally Hair and great leaders like Jason H. Karp, Katia Beauchamp, Cynthia Plotch, Kathryn Winokur, Jeffrey Raider, Andy Katz-Mayfield, Craig Elbert, and many more.

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