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Horizon Hobby is the world’s largest manufacturer of hobby-grade remote control planes, cars, helicopters, boats, and much more. We met the team through a private equity firm in our network that thought Bullish could help accelerate the growth of Horizon Hobby's business.


Horizon Hobby is in midst of an ambitious transformation that Bullish has been helping bring to fruition. One of the projects we plugged in on was helping them upweight how they market their remarkable innovation built into their products. Namely SPEKTRUM, which is all the internal electronics that bring to life a complete ecosystem of transmitters, receivers, motors and batteries for their RC vehicles. 

They came to us for looking for a marketing campaign that would resonate with customers in a new way.

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Spektrum Logo

The process

Our job was to figure out what part of the story should be told around the high-tech SPEKTRUM chip that powers these vehicles.

We conducted research with Horizon Hobby's fans to discover where the tech comes to life for them. It didn't take long to discover that it all came together to make things very simple for the end user in a way it hadn't been before. We created a benefit for hobbyists around SPEKTRUM: they know they're ready.

To convey that, we developed a logo, tagline, website, and digital ads around it. The company will be trickling out aspects of the campaign over the coming months.

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