The Bu entered a crowded kombucha market with a superior tasting product, but no brand differentiation. They spoke of function, while designing at par with competition.

Our kombucha customer was different from the rest. While other kombuchas spoke to those looking for a sour taste, we knew we were the product for people with a lighter palette.

We leaned into the story of The Bu’s Founder, Gary Hawes, a biochemist and surfer living in Hawaii, redesigning the package to stand out on shelf and capturing the emotion of his creation.


First, we developed packaging that messaged functional differentiation while infusing brand storytelling.

Bu Box

We then invented an innovative new product, allowing us to further develop the visual language of The Bu and highlight its difference as a lighter, functional beverage.


And we launched their Experiments program, exploring how they could use their science-brains to design and test even higher-functioning functional beverages through a series of limited releases.


“Different than your typical Kombucha beverage in every perfect way.”

The Dieline


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