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Nike wanted to do a sneaker drop that everyone could take part in. So, for the first time in 10 years, they were teaming up with Foot Locker to drop a line of 90’s inspired Air Max.

Current culture was just starting to embrace a 90’s renaissance, so we saw an opportunity to build a bridge to the past with cultural icons from the era the Air Max started in.

We created an integrated campaign that weaved the 90’s into sneakerhead culture of today. It was all designed to light up social and make the stories around the shoes just as valuable as the colorways themselves.

We kicked things off in the most New York way possible, by flipping a NYC cab ride into a test of classic 90's hip-hop knowledge, hosted by none other than hip-hop legend Fat Joe.


We built a flexible system of 90’s-inspired assets that slotted perfectly in Nike’s brand system while creating distinction for this special series.


Leaning into current sneakerhead content trends, we took Jason Tatum back in time for an early-internet inspired unboxing.


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