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Nom Nom isn’t the only fresh- pet-food-delivered-to-your-door company out there. They were being copied and cluttered, all while competitors had 3x the media spend. Sales weren’t where they should be.

After spending time in the factory and with customers, we saw what others overlooked. They were focused on the food and the love and the caring, but they missed the ultimate benefit: vitality.

We focused all of our attention on pets living at 11. This created a differentiated look and feel that was full of energy and life, showcasing how pets could live their best lives with Nom Nom.


We refreshed the visual identity system, bringing forward bold colors and typography, differentiating us from the market full of pale and stale identities.

Nom Nom Ad

In service of vitality, we even launched a science-focused sub-brand called Nom Nom Plus with a line of vitamins and supplements and other health tools for pets.



Increase in sales after rolling out new brand


Increase in revenue during ad campaign


Sale to Mars, Incorporated

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